Unmask hidden security risks of your automotive embedded system

Automotive Cybersecurity Talk: Fuzz Testing – Unmask hidden security risks of your automotive embedded system

Fuzzing is a powerful testing technique to check software and system robustness for cybersecurity vulnerabilities. It is used to test how a target system reacts to randomly generated invalid or unexpected inputs and helps discover weak points and implementation errors that a hacker could exploit.

In the most recent episode of our Automotive Cybersecurity Talk (ACT) podcast, ESCRYPT’s Joe Cusumano and John McShane discuss the ins and outs of fuzz testing – what exactly it is, mediums to use, why it’s important/brings value to vehicle development, how if differs from other testing methods and more.

Though more prevalent in the auto industry now than in past years, fuzz testing has been used in other industries for some time. And the experts at ESCRYPT have been conducting fuzz tests since 2015 – so it’s not new to us at all. We even figured out ways to fuzz test remotely during the last year while the team was working at home. You will also learn about the new security lab in our Plymouth, Michigan office and how it benefits our fuzz testing services to clients.

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