Automotive Cybersecurity Talk: Standards and Regulations

This episode of Automotive Cybersecurity Talk takes a look at global cybersecurity standards and regulations and how they effect the industry. Today’s vehicles are becoming more and more complex. What used to be simplistic in vehicle electrification is now 70-80 modules integrated within the vehicle. With this increase comes a larger attack surface for hackers to penetrate.

With cybersecurity governance and compliance regulations coming for both Europe and North America, it’s critical for OEM management to take an in-depth look at their organization’s cybersecurity approach and what is needed when new regulations take place. Specifically, OEMs need to define, implement and refine their cybersecurity strategies.

ESCRYPT’s Joe Cusumano sits down with Bryan Blancke, one of the company’s experts on the topic, to discuss details about ISO 21434, UNECE WP.29 and other cybersecurity standards, why these standards are needed and what they mean for the auto industry. It’s an informative 45-minute discussion.

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