Are you ready for new OEM HSM specifications?

As you know, automaker HSM specifications are constantly evolving. Trying to keep up or update your software internally isn’t easy – it takes time and resources that, today, can be hard to come by. That’s where ESCRYPT and our security expertise can help.

Our CycurHSM is flexible HSM security firmware that ensures secure boot of the ECU and in-vehicle communication as well as providing ECU component protection and secure flashing. Most important, CycurHSM comes pre-configured to meet new OEM requirements, including host-side security software for HSM specifications beginning in model year 2023.

And we understand there are a variety of microcontrollers available, so our CycurHSM firmware supports almost all brands, enabling CycurHSM to act as the security heartbeat for any ECU. This pre-configuration together with an easy-to-integrate API allows you to quickly make your product OE-compliant, eliminating months of development time.

Pre-configured HSM firmware according to OE specifications
A better approach: Pre-configured HSM firmware according to OE specifications

Model year 2023 will be here faster than you know.  Spending time and effort on configuring an HSM to OE specifications is something you can check off your list!

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