Automotive Cybersecurity Talk – Our New Podcast

Learning new ways of doing things is something we’ve all had to do in the last year. New ways of working with each other. New ways of keeping in touch with friends and family. New ways of interacting with one another in public. The list goes on.

At ESCRYPT, we’ve also come up with a new way of discussing key topics in vehicle cybersecurity – our new podcast Automotive Cybersecurity Talk. Each episode will feature experts from ESCRYPT and other industry colleagues in a casual format addressing some of the current and future topics critical to vehicle cybersecurity.

During our first season, we cover secure boot, automotive ethernet, fuzzing and more – episodes will be released monthly. As for future topics, we’ve got some in mind, but are always open to hear ideas and thoughts from you – so please share your feedback!

We’re kicking off with two episodes; an introduction from our own Joe Cusumano, followed by an episode focused on secure boot. In this episode, ESCRYPT’s Rob Lambert explains what secure boot is, the various terms used to describe it, how to implement it, what it means in different scenarios and who should be involved. A lot of great info is shared in just under 30 minutes!

You can find our podcast on the Automotive Cybersecurity Talk website. Current and future episodes will be available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get yours!


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